European Accident statement

Why you should complete a European Accident Statement

An accident statement is a standard claim declaration clearly describing the circumstances of the accident.
Although it is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended as it helps protect your interests while enabling the insurer to determine the prejudice and divide the liability between you and the other driver.

Front and back of an Accident Statement

The front of an accident statement is the more important part.

  • This is where both drivers detail all the circumstances of the accident.

In case of disagreement, each one puts down his/her own version of the events by ticking the corresponding boxes and making comments.

  • The column containing the boxes to be ticked is crucial.

It determines the liability and cannot be amended once the copies are separated.

  • The front of an accident statement is indisputable once signed by both drivers.

It constitutes a joint accident declaration.

  • If the other party refuses to sign the statement, call the police.

Note down the local station’s address and phone number and the name of the officer drawing up the accident report so that your insurer can consult it more quickly.

The back of an accident statement helps speed up the compensation procedure by providing your insurer with a certain amount of information. Each party completes the back of his/her own copy so it cannot constitute proof because, unlike the front, it is not completed jointly.

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