Which documents to take

When leaving, make sure that you take the following documents:

– your Green Card, which certifies that you are properly insured and contains a certain amount of useful information such as:

  • the number next to the country code and insurer code (Green Card box 4): if you are planning to visit a country whose Bureau is not a signatory of the multilateral agreement, don’t forget that your Green Card will be checked when you cross the border;
  • your insurer’s telephone number (either in box 10 of your Green Card or in your insurance policy):
  • 0800 numbers cannot be called from a foreign country so make sure that you have a ten-figure number starting with 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05 (e.g. 01 4030 2010) because you can call such numbers from abroad using the country code (33 for France) and omitting the first zero (e.g. +33 1 4030 2010).

– your assistance company’s telephone number and policy number;

– a European accident statement: available free of charge from your insurer.

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