After an accident, make sure that you:

  • Complete the European Accident Statement.

If you are unable to do so because this is not the practice in the country concerned (e.g. the UK), make sure that you note:
– the other driver’s name and contact details
– the registration number
– information about the insurer
– witnesses’ names and contact details
– and, if possible, take photographs. 

  • Warn your insurer as soon as possible or contact the Bureau of the country where the accident occurred.

Don’t forget that 0800 numbers cannot be called from a foreign country so make sure that you have a ten-figure number starting with 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05, which can be used from abroad (preceded by +33). 

  • Note the other party’s registration number in case of hit and run.

File a complaint with the local police authorities and keep the original complaint document.

  • Have medical certificates drawn up speedily, even if the injuries are minor.

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