What to should check before leaving ?

Before you leave, check:

–    that your insurance policy is still valid (Green Card box 3);

–    the cover included in your policy.

“liability insurance” cover:

still referred to as “third party insurance”, this cover applies solely to loss, damage or injury caused to another party and you will be covered for your own losses, damage or injury only if you take out the following additional cover;

driver’s personal injury cover:

provides personal injury compensation to the driver even if liable for the accident and, depending on the policy, may also cover medical expenses and financial prejudice due to sick leave, permanent incapacity or death;

comprehensive accident and collision cover:

comprehensive accident cover applies to all types of impact (somersault, hitting a tree, collision) even with an unidentified vehicle, while collision cover applies only in case of collision with a pedestrian or another vehicle or animal whose owner is identified;

theft, windshield, fire, natural disasters cover, etc.;

legal protection cover:

notably enables the insurer to defend the interests of its insured if involved in an accident;

assistance cover:

depending on the case, may include vehicle breakdown assistance (towing and repair) and personal assistance (repatriation, accommodation, etc) and may be taken out with your insurer or an assistance company;

–    that the countries where you plan to drive are actually covered by your insurer:

if not, the boxes of the countries concerned on the front of your Green Card will have been crossed out by your insurer (the countries covered are also listed in the general conditions of your policy).

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